From the New CD Semillas de Inmensidad/Seeds of Immensity (March, 2012 release)

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Chacarera Santiaguña 4:03 Band 1

Argentina. Trad. Chacarera. Lyrics: Chango Fari’as Go’mez
Guitar, clarinet, violin & voices.

A trad. Chacarera, our version starts in space, quickly earths, gets rockin with hints of klezmer, has a mellow interlude of violin clarinet conversation, then rocks out. Argentine Chacarera is a passionate song & dance form from the countryside. According to legend originating in the remote province of Santiago del Estero, now played in all Argentina & beyond. This is dedicated to Chango Fari’as Go’mez, the great musician, singer, interpreter and arranger who passed in Aug. 2011 & wrote these lyrics.

Guendanabani 3:45 Band 3

Mexico. Son Itsmeno. Music: Daniel C. Pineda, lyrics: Juan Stubi
(Pronounce: Gen-dah-nah-bah-ni / La Vida /The Life).
Guitar, clarinet, small percussion & voices.

A slow, haunting waltz sung in the Zapotec Indian language from Oaxaca, Mexico; a language & culture over 2500 years old.

Periquera 4:02 Band 5

Venezuela. Trad. Joropo
Harp, maracas & bombo.

A joyful, upbeat instrumental dance song from the llanos/plains & the llaneros/Cowboys who live there. With lots of poly-rhythm in 6/8 time. Joropo music is a Trad. collection of standards that everyone plays their own way. This music is shared by the plains people of Columbia.

Los Hermanos 5:25 Band 8

Argentina. Milonga. Atahualpa Yupanqui
Guitar, clarinet & voice.

A lush milonga with interludes of conversation between clarinet & guitar. The song sings of our profound, intrinsic human connections to each other - in, through & beyond life. The title of the CD comes from this song; “…And these songs that we eat: Seeds of immensity”. Atajulpa Yupanqui bio:

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