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The late Mike Seeger and his sister Peggy recorded Fly Down Little Bird (Appleseed CD 1125, in 2007 and 2008, traditional songs from their childhood, a wonderful representation of a family who sang growing up and who highly valued traditional music. Here are three of fourteen cuts:

The following are a sample of songs from Peggy's January 2008 release, Bring Me Home followed by the March 27, 2007 release Three Score and Ten, the 70th birthday celebration Queen Elizabeth Hall concerts with wondreful friends and family. Both on Appleseed recordings, We hope that you enjoy the songs.

Peggy Seeger's New Song for Pete Seeger's 94th Birthday on May 3

IT'S PETE! (2:58). Credits - words, music copyright, vocals, piano Peggy Seeger, oboe, Kate St. John; recorded by Neill MacColl who also plays bass. Please click here to play the song (MP3) and here for the song in WAV format. You can also visit the song's page on SoundCloud.

Peggy writes: I've always marvelled at Pete's ability to get people to sing together. This song, made for his 94th birthday, was recorded with my son Neill & his sweetie, Kate, is a bit of an extrapolation on that skill of his. I do hope he likes it - but whatever his reaction, I"m sure he will join in on the chorus. Happy birthday, Pete!

A special thank you to Rich Warren and Mark Moss for their special TA!

Public Radio Pay Up Song

This song was written for public radio, community radio and in-betweens like WFMT's "The Midnight Special" to use, without a fee, in their fund raising drives. Copyright words and music by Peggy Seeger 2006. Administered by Harmony Music.

Other musicians who donated their performance are Vollie McKenzie (Guitar), John Herrmann (Uke) and Cary Fridley (Bass).

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